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Tushar Arun Gandhi (born 17 January 1960) is the son of journalist Arun Manilal Gandhi, grandson of Manilal Gandhi and great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Born on a train between Mumbai and Kolkata, Tushar Gandhi was raised in Mumbai. He studied at Adarsh Vinay Mandir, a local Gujarati-medium school. He holds a diploma in printing from the Government Institute of Printing Technology, Mumbai. He is best known for having established in 1998 in Vadodara, Gujarat the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. It is now located in Mumbai (and he is still its President). Since 1996 he has served as President of the Lok Seva Trust, an NGO which a nephew of Mahatma Gandhi had established in central Bombay in the mid-1950s for the welfare to textile-mill labourers. In 2000, Tushar Gandhi portrayed himself in a fictional Bollywood movie directed by Kamal Hassan, "Hey Ram," and in 2009 he did likewise in a semi-fictional movie, "Road to Sangam," based on an episode in his own life. A nonfiction book by him, Let's Kill Gandhi, was published in 2007 and became for a few weeks a best seller in India. In 2008 he was appointed Chairman of the Australian Indian Rural Development Foundation (AIRDF). In March 2005, he led the 75th-anniversary re-enactment of the Dandi March. From 2007 to 2012, he was the Goodwill Ambassador of the CISRI-ISP Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition. In 2018 he played a significant role in petitioning successfully the Supreme Court of India to direct the states and Union Territories to comply with its orders to curb cow-vigilante lynch mobs. In 2019 Tushar Gandhi became a Director of the Gandhi Research Foundation in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Gandhi lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sonal Desai and two children, a son Vivan Gandhi and daughter Kasturi Gandhi. Kasturi was so named after Kasturba Gandhi.


"Let's Kill Gandhi" (2007) by Tushar Gandhi

A Chronicle of His Last Days: The Conspiracy, Murder, Investigation and Trail

Since Gandhi's death at the hands of a Hindu extremist on 30 January 1948, many lies and half-truths about the great man have been concocted and presented as reality. Gandhi was responsible for partition, Gandhi abandoned the Hindus, killing Gandhi was the only way to save India - these are statements that continue to be propagated by Hindu extremists to justify Gandhi's murder. Written by Gandhi's great-grandson, Tushar Arun Gandhi,
Let's Kill Gandhi! draws on verbal history, archival material, records of trials and investigations, books by lawyers and judges, newspaper reports, and the author's own family, to present a true chronicle of a conspiracy that went far beyond the man who pulled the trigger that killed Mahatma Gandhi.


Tushar Gandhi is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and he does his best accommodate as many requests as possible for his participation in events in India and abroad. Individuals or institutions who wish to invite Tushar Gandhi for lectures and participation, we encourage them to send their invitations by email only. 

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